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Europa 1912 is a map expansion that requires the Europe base to play. It brings 3 new way to play.

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  • A new, larger, and more extensive deck of tickets. (101 tickets in total)
  • 5 depots in each color.
  • 1 warehouse card for each player


  • All of the following include depots.

Europa Expanded[]

Use all the tickets with no logos and the ones with the 1912 logo.

Europa Mega[]

Use all the tickets. Give 2 Long Distance tickets to each player, of which they can only keep 1.

Big Cities[]

Use all the tickets with the Big Cities logo on them. Do not distribute Long Distance Tickets.


  • This map is set in 1912.
  • The rulebook mentions that the 3 aforementioned variants are only the favorites. Therefore mixing and matching tickets is not necessarily a house-rule. For example, you may choose to only include tickets that have an end city in the USSR.