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The Germany map

Germany is the reimplement of Maerklin.

Ticket to ride Germany box


The same as in Maerklin, but with no passenger tokens, and the score markers are wooden again. Now there are passenger meeples

Separate long and short tickets

 Setting up[]

The same as in Maerklin, but you need to place the passenger meeples on each city the number that the rules booklet says.

You choose 4 destination tickets making the combination of short and long tickets you prefer. You have to announce the combination you make

 How to play[]

The same as in Maerklin, but with no +4 locomotives. When claiming a route, you can take 1 passenger meeple from each city, if there are meeples.

When drawing destination tickets, draw 4 tickets and make the combination you most like

At the end of the game, each player scores 20 points per color he leads in and 10 points for the second


  • This map is set in 1900.