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Great Lakes is part of the Rails and Sails reimplement of Ticket to Ride. It comes with World.


Components []

  • 25 train cars in the general 5 colors (with a new shape!)
  • 50 boats in the general 5 colors
  • 80 train cards (11 of each color, 14 locomotives, no oranges or blues)
  • 60 ship cards (4 singles and 6 doubles in each color)
  • 65 tickets for World (you won't need these)
  • 55 tickets for Great Lakes
  • 3 harbours in each color
  • 5 wooden score markers
  • Rules Booklet for World and Great Lakes

Setting up[]

Same as the base game, but...

  • Give each player their harbours
  • Give each player all their travel pieces
  • Give each player 2 train cards and 2 ship cards
  • Give 5 tickets to each player; they must choose at least 3.


Same as in the base game, but...


With a surface of almost 100,000 square miles, the five Great Lakes are a major landmark in North America. Steamers from various companies offer their services to cross the Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario, docking in the numerous harbors of the region. Enjoy the sunset on Lake Michigan from the harbor of Chicago, discover the brisk beauty of Lake Superior, and follow the secret paths of the Wyandot to victory...


  • This map is set between in 1970 (After Thunder Bay was formed and not quite the end of steam), making it the third most modern map, behind Maerklin and World)
  • This is the first map to have an actual typo (Perry Sound should be Parry Sound).