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Maerklin map

Maerklin is the third installment in the Ticket to Ride series.



The same as in the first game, but with:

  • Purple and white trains replacing blue and green.
  • Plastic stackable score markers.
  • Germany themed board.
  • Tickets feature individual trains/carriages from the Maerklin toy range.
  • Additional 6 Locomotive cards which can only be used for longer routes.
  • 74 Mechandise Tokens in four colours.
  • 15 passengers - 3 in each player colour
  • 10 passenger cards for use in game.

Setting up[]

The same as in the first game, but you have to:

  • Place merchandise tokens in descending order on each city in the matching colour.
  • Divide tickets into long and short tickets.
  • Players may choose what combinations of long and short tickets to take.
  • Players will take the 3 passengers in their colour in addition to the trains.


The same as in the first game, with some added features:


  • This map is set in 2006, making it the most recent Ticket to Ride map.
  • This map was made in a temporary partnership by Days of Wonder and Marklin.
  • This is one of the three base games with purple and white trains.