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Switzerland is an expansion, which requires a base game. You can get it with India.



The Switzerland map and corresponding tickets, as well as a rulebook.



  • Tunnels
  • Like in Nordic Countries, locomotives can only be used for tunnels. They can be used to actually place the route, and to pay off any expenses. Also, when a locomotive is face-up, it counts as one card, instead of two.
  • Countries
  • Switzerland can only be played with 2-3 players. Also, double routes are opened in 3 player games.
  • 40 train cars instead of 45.


(Continued from India lore) Also includes Alan R. Moon’s terrific map of Switzerland, specifically designed for 2 and 3 players and made famous by Ticket to Ride Online!  Discover Switzerland’s challenging geography with its verdant valleys and mountain passes, as well as the charm of its neighboring countries.


  • Switzerland has been confirmed to be Alan R. Moon's favorite map to date.
  • Switzerland is set in 1905.