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  • Luctheminecrafter

    For over a decade one question has haunted Ticket to Ride fans everywhere:

    Are you building routes or riding them?

    Why am I doing this? Because I'm a bit miffed at the people who look at official and custom maps an nitpick that a certain route doesn't exist. As a custom map creator I'd like to have this bit of knowledge reinforcing me as I come up with map ideas.  I'll accord one point to either side when a bit in the USA rules mentions something in their favor. For each map I'll accord two points for the theme and additional rules. Let's start!

    The Lore: Now at the dawn of the century it was time for a new impossible journey. The stakes: $1 Million in a winner-takes-all competition. The objective: to see which of them could travel by rail to t…

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  • Luctheminecrafter

    Lots of people don't know how to make quality custom maps. Here's how.

    (If there's another map contest, be sure to list me in the acknowledgements if you win.)

    You could go two ways. You could either find a place you like and make a map on it, or make a cool new rule.

    If you choose to find a place you like, make sure it has a decent railroad history and that it existed in the early 1900s. The Heart of Africa and Pennsylvania maps seem like weird choices by Alan R. Moon, until you look into their railroad history. They're certainly thematically better than Kyrgyzstan or Cambodia maps. Next you have to take that place and make a cool rule around it, like Jungle routes in my South America. Don't be afraid to have 2 changes in one, like the color…

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  • Luctheminecrafter


    September 24, 2016 by Luctheminecrafter

    To be completely honest, this blog post is solely to advance the wikia.

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